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The SPS 2023 Deal Origination Benchmark Report is here

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The 2023 DOBR includes results from 167 qualified PE firms, segmented into 8 peer groups, and sorted by deal size and industry.

Find out how your sourcing strategy compares to peers with the latest edition of the industry's top deal origination analysis

The report provides each SPS client detailed analysis on its deal sourcing strategy relative to peers, allowing the firm to gauge its performance and prioritize specific areas for additional focus in the year ahead. The DOBR is the industry standard, creating a comprehensive view of a firm’s origination effectiveness.

This summary report aggregates deal sourcing metrics across all participating private equity firms to analyze the industry at large.


Find relevant deals in your target market

“Sutton Place Strategies shows us relevant deal sources we didn’t know existed. Their analytical approach ensures we are continually improving. Deal sourcing without their deal origination analytics service is like driving with your eyes shut.”

Paul Lipson




deals, including private equity, growth equity, and corporate M&A from 4K+ funds


sector categorizations and keyword search allow you to find deals relevant to you


intermediary contacts from 2K+ firms

Proprietary fields

including deal type (e.g., carve-out, distress), process competitiveness, platform vs. add-on, control vs. minority

Deal size

ranges estimated for every deal so you can filter for transactions of the right size

Full CRM Integration

to automatically align with your internal data on firms, professionals, and deals